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Zen Chronicle < Buy less, live more>

I have put together a Zen calendar for 2019 for the Swiss magazine L’Illustré: one piece each month to accompany your year, to guide you along spiritual pathways for daily life.

The one for March is particularly close to my heart < Buy less, live more> as a way of giving back meaning to our lives outside of retail therapy.

An ode to voluntary cutting back, to free ourselves of excess and get used to less. Beware!! This piece is talking about a voluntary reduction, not a subtle form of cutting back, such as is imposed upon the the poorest in society. It’s pretty difficult to get used to less, to practice ‘happy sobriety’ when we already lack the necessities of life! ( Look at the present claims by the ‘gilets jaunes’ and the people who are forgotten and invisible in our consumer society.)

March – Buy less, live more.

Some words are floating around our society at present like so many little suns : cutting back, sobriety, simplicity, respect for nature. Bringing back to centre stage notions that had been put aside for thirty glorious years, in favour of the idols of consumerisim and accumulation of possessions. After having measured the value of a human being in terms of their material possessions, it looks as if the paradigm is in the process of deep change. And what if the human of the future was in fact this creature who is capable of harmonising with the rhythms of nature, to encounter their fellows with trust and arrive on tip toe in the heart of a forest, so as not to disturb the animals who live there?

A fairly mind – blowing perspective on evolution, capable of giving us back some faith in the future of the Earth. And as with all evolutions, it falls to some to set an example: we have chosen you, readers of L’Illustre, to be voluntary models (or nearly so) of this new being. To be , today, the human of the future. Do you like the idea? If so, follow the guide!

Boycott non-durable products.

The list of items produced by industrial society is long, immeasurable. All these little things made of petrol derivatives, or rare metals, which need to be gouged out of the earth’s crust by the little hands of child slaves, and their transportation huge and polluting. But of course,and you will have instantly thought this, it is almost impossible these days not to have many products made of plastic or a petroleum base. But we can also reflect deeply before acquiring an object.

The key : ask yourself before you buy something : do I really need this? How has it been made. What is its ecological footprint?

In addition : you will in future buy things with < full awareness> in terms of <enlightened sacrifice> and you will contribute to the care of the Earth.

Time to learn.

Time ( and money) saved by not shopping will allow you to do the small things that give meaning to life : learn something new, organise a dinner for neighbours , grow some plants, give some time at the SPA, read, look at the sky,make some bouquets of dried flowers etc

The key : gratitude as a new sign of wealth.

In addition: nothing else, just the simplicity of a life fully lived.


The author of this guide, Kankyo Tannier, is a Buddhist nun, a thousand miles removed from any spiritual cliché. An active blogger on social networks, she proposes an inner journey full of humour, optimism and simplicity. She is also the author of two best sellers : The gift of Silence, already translated into 14 languages, and In Search of the Present Moment. Kankyo Tannier is interested in anything that can give meaning to our lives: the little things of every day, rituals full of joy, magic moments that open the gateways to the sky. Her advice is available to all, with no dogma or beliefs. She subscribes to a modern spirituality, in touch with real life. Open up to the meaning of existence … but keep your feet on the ground.

Kankyo Tannier

Her website

YouTube channel

The monastery where she lives :

DEEP THANKS TO HILARY MAC RAE for the translation !


Now… I need you! 🙂 Call for volunteers

Now… I need you! 🙂 Call for volunteers

For a few years now, I have been offering the general public progressive access to Zen spirituality. You can find free meditation MP3s, articles, videos (see below all the available resources), not to mention books. So I set up a blog in 4 languages, social networks, collaborations with the Huffington Post or Psychologie Magazine. And all this: for you!

I receive a lot of messages every day by email or messenger showing me how useful all this is.

Today, I would like to set up a team of volunteers to help disseminate all these resources. Indeed, all this takes time, a lot of time.

All my work is entirely voluntary, with the simple desire that Buddhism and Zen can help people on a daily basis. This is what drives me every morning and gives me the courage to turn on the computer. I live at the edge of a forest and could very easily do without this “mission” to go roam in the meadows and caress the ears of the horses! But a little voice tells me to continue, that it is logical, useful, necessary….

So, if you ever want to help spread Buddhist values and the practice of zazen ( zen meditation): welcome to the team!

Here are the positions sought ( important: for people with experience in these fields!)

  • communication manager for the twitter account
    management of the Youtube Dailyzen chain
    graphic designers for flyers, visuals, logo etc.
    webmaster for the wordpress website
    sound engineer for guided meditation MP3
    translators in English, German, Spanish
    secretary to help me answer all emails….

Finally, I have the project of creating “online courses” with thematic video capsules. I am therefore looking for film makers and site managers to develop this specific project.

Thank you for your kindness and attention. And see you soon on the path of Zen!



The resources available

  • Itunes channel
    Soundcloud account
    Youtube channel
    Facebook pro account ( managed by a volunteer)
    twitter account
    Instagram account (managed by a volunteer)
    blog in 4 languages
    Articles for the Huffington Post
    videos for Psychology Magazine

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The Zen calendar < Anti Depressant in the heart of winter >

The Zen calendar piece for February. < Anti Depressant in the heart of winter >

Written with the journalist Francois Busson from the Swiss magazine L’Illustre.

The connection between the body and the mind no longer needs to be proved.

They work together like yin and yang, or Simon and Garfunkel. In this way modifying our body’s posture can influence our inner state and return us to a state of calm. To allow emotions to circulate again and emerging troubles linked to the <bad> season to dissipate,here are two concrete exercises to work with daily. The goal : to return to that state of tranquility and opening that we have been able to recognise at certain times in our lives.

Lift your eyes to the sky.

When we are overcome by sadness or depression, the space around us has a tendency to shrivel up: a beautiful flower which lowers its head. The painful emotion felt in the body makes us want to fold in upon ourself, as if we would create a protective cocoon,

If, on the contrary, you take five minutes to lift up your eyes to the sky and take your focus out of your unpleasant feelings, what you feel will change.

For this, you really have to look outwards, really let your eyes see the world that surrounds you. Your neural connections receive a different message ( opening, freedom) and adapt the emotion accordingly.

The key : come out of yourself, expand your vision.

In addition : Try to find a large external landscape : a bit of sky, a tree, birds to look at …

Dancing in life…

Of course, when experiencing depression or negative emotions, the last thing we want to do is dance.

And yet ….

By sending your body a paradoxical message, you can free this emotion and completely get rid of it. The idea is simple: no negative emotion can resist a joyful movement. So we have to mime joy, to act <as if dancing> lifting the arms to the sky ( like Usain Bolt when he wins a race) and let the body move in every way. Giving the body fake news, to get it feel differently. Open your arms, turn around, gyrate… Negative emotion can circulate and disappear.

The key : Do this dance and movement for at least 2 minutes, listening to some rythmic and engaging music.

In addition : to allow the calm state you have achieved to remain, ask yourself this essential question before you begin : in place of anguish, what pleasant feeling would I like to have?

VIDEO – How to practice inner silence… in the middle of a noisy town !

A video of the Buddhist nun Kankyo Tannier shot in Sao Paulo, Brazil, during a lecture tour in South America.
With this simple exercise, she shows us how to access silence and presence in the middle of a city in motion. In Zen Buddhism, the practice of meditation can indeed be done through all the activities of the day such as waiting for the bus to go to work. A form of “meditation in action” that allows us to refocus, to find the present moment and consequently to find peace.
Thanks to Thadeu and the com teams at Sextante Editions for this series of practical videos.


Order the book ” The gift of silence ” ( Kankyo Tannier )

and learn more about zen buddhism and daily practices.


Video: A Buddhist song, for the New Year!

Dear friends from around the corner or across the world,
It was a pleasure to be with you in 2018, whether in real life or in the virtual spaces offered by social networks.
I wish us an ever stronger and more focused Presence for 2019. The world, with all the current and future upheavals, will need peaceful and responsible people, like lighthouses in the storm.
May we continue to learn together to embody this future and support each other in the practice of Zen meditation.
May our moments be spiritual!
May our voices transmit a peaceful and delicate joy as a watermark of hours.
🙏 Happy New Year 2019 🙏

A video from Nadia Röll.

The gift of silence with Kankyo, a Buddhist nun

Kankyo Tannier is a French Buddhist nun whose books are translated into many languages. It represents a modern spirituality, perfectly adapted to the Internet age. A daily spirituality, both joyful and profound.
Find it in an English interview shot in Mexico City (Spanish subtitles).
To order the book in English “The gift of silence” it is here:

Video: How to find calm in everyday life – with Kankyo, a Buddhist nun

During this video, recorded in a park in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the nun Kankyo evokes different methods to find inner silence.
Inner silence is that space of profound tranquility available everywhere, under any conditions. A space located upstream of words and thoughts, which can be accessed in different ways.
Kankyo Tannier is a Buddhist nun of the Zen tradition, a school that is characterized by meditation at the heart of each day, in the acts of daily life.
This video was shot in Brazil by Thadeu and the teams of Sextante Publishing in September 2018. Kankyo Tannier toured Latin America (Mexico, Brazil) to present the international editions of his book “The gift of silence” translated into 14 languages.

Pour commander le livre en anglais :

Pour la version brésilienne ( Editions Sextantes ) :

Zazen workshops (zen meditation) in Latin America – flashback

A few weeks ago, I flew to the other side of the world. Mexico, Brazil, names that make you dream…
I have visited different regions:
– Quérétaro, Mexico City, Oaxaca, Mexico
– Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
But the purpose of this trip to Latin America was not tourism. Rather to present the practice of zazen (zen meditation) and that of inner silence to the general public. So I walked the streets, without a pilgrim’s staff but with a smile, and led many workshops….
Perhaps one of my best memories will remain this afternoon with the inhabitants of the indigenous village of San Isidro: our mischievous eyes, their interest in silence, and the magic of the encounter.


Videos – Interviews and meditation exercises in Mexico

With the Mexican media “Reporte Indigo” we shot different videos and interviews. Some of them took place during the Hay Festival in Quérétaro, during the outdoor meditation workshops I led. Others in a beautiful park in central Mexico City, surrounded by mischievous squirrels.
I was able to explain in detail the virtues of silence, the possibility of accessing it at any time, and propose new ways of practicing spirituality in the age of new technologies. Find the 3 videos below.

Thanks to the journalist Hidalgo Neira and his motivated teams!

Videos in English, with Spanish subtitles.





VIDEO – Meditation and interviews in parks, Mexico – September 2018

VIDEO in English and Spanish – Mexico City

In Mexico City, Planeta Publishing organized a series of meetings with the media: radio, TV, print media. It was the opportunity to mention the release of my book “The Magic of Silence” which offers many meditation practices for daily life.
The video below was shot by the teams of the Mexican media “Reporte Indigo”. A game in Quérétaro where I participated in the Hay Festival. You will discover some meditation images while walking. The other one in a park in Mexico City where squirrels are at large. They come to eat out of our hands and shooting this interview took a lot – a lot! – of concentration! ! 😉

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