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A Buddhist nun of Zen tradition, Kankyo Tannier has been running the DailyZen site for 7 years, where she publishes advice dedicated to Zen meditation, notes and reflections on daily life, as well as audio and video recordings.

Zen meditation

Discover and practice Zen meditation, every day... Advice and reflections on zazen.​


Conferences, guided meditations, zen and kusen tales... Many video are waiting for you here.​

Kankyo Tannier

Kankyo is forty-five and a Buddhist nun. If this evokes to you the image of a kind of ascetic contemplating at the top of a mountain... You missed it!​


Creation of an innovative place, based on the values of Zen Buddhism: meditation practice, permaculture, retreat centre and animal shelter.

Meditation, resilience and permaculture on a farm in Alsace (France).

Blog : zen buddhism and meditation

Regularly, notes on the theme of Buddhism, meditation, Soto Zen and daily life in a Buddhist monastery in Alsace.

Everyday life, practical information on Zen meditation, mood tickets, stories of spiritual journeys (inside and outside) …

Buddhism and Zen meditation day by day !

A TEDx Talk “Eyes wide open to the present moment” by Kankyo

– english and japanese subtitles availables –


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