Video: How to find calm in everyday life – with Kankyo, a Buddhist nun

During this video, recorded in a park in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the nun Kankyo evokes different methods to find inner silence.
Inner silence is that space of profound tranquility available everywhere, under any conditions. A space located upstream of words and thoughts, which can be accessed in different ways.
Kankyo Tannier is a Buddhist nun of the Zen tradition, a school that is characterized by meditation at the heart of each day, in the acts of daily life.
This video was shot in Brazil by Thadeu and the teams of Sextante Publishing in September 2018. Kankyo Tannier toured Latin America (Mexico, Brazil) to present the international editions of his book “The gift of silence” translated into 14 languages.

Pour commander le livre en anglais :

Pour la version brésilienne ( Editions Sextantes ) :

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