This project is being developed with the caring support of Master Reigen Wang-Genh, the abbot of monastery Ryumonji.


The project is presently being discussed with all the participants. It should be finalized before end of 2019. Find out more about our ideas and wishes down below. We will keep you updated during the process.




1. The location

A ranch surrounding by meadows, at the edge of the woods, 500 meters from a Buddhist monastery.

2. The wish

Buy this ranch to expend the monastery’s grounds for a “sanctuary for elderly and fostered animals”

3. Les activités développées sur place

In the spirit of Soto Zen philosophy: meditation, samou (volunteering, being in the Offering), animal care and various workshops (meeting the animal, learning to be in focus/presence, discovering the forest)

4. The estate

Description of the premises

5. The working principles

A few people living in (6-7 rooms or dormitories), following the monastery’s time schedule, being in charge of life on the premises and animal care.

6. The funding

Detailed description of considered sources of funding

7. The project’s progress

We will keep you updated on the progress here. Next step : second real estate assessment, by the administrative department “LesDomaines”


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1. The location


It takes place in a village called Weiterswiller, home of a 20 years old monastery, visited by a large amount of people for spiritual retreats.