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Un podcast en inglés para Dementes (México )

Una larga entrevista en la lengua de Shakespeare ( o casi 😉 ) en la que repaso mi adolescencia, mis años de estudiante y todas las razones que me hicieron elegir este modo de vida. También habla del decrecimiento, el autoconocimiento, el veganismo, la respiración y el entusiasmo.

Gracias a Diego Barrazas por este momento tan agradable. Y a Paloma Gattica por organizar la reunión.

Find your inner peace

Minutos: 00:00:00 Presentation 00:02:18 Conversation begins 00:03:40 Her life before becoming a monk 00:09:30 Why did she decide to become a noun? 00:16:22 Her objective and main goal 00:18:22 How to think about the future 00:20:10 The moment when she took the decision to follow the Buddhism path 00:24:00 Wow to manage distractions and connects with what you want 00:28:00 How it was her first approach to the monastery 00:32:15 How to get involved in a monastery 00:34:10 How is to live in a monastery 00:40:17 The restrictions you have if our a monk 00:46:00 How her perceptions have changed 00:48:40 Becoming aware of your mind/thoughts 00:52:30 Why you should learn how your mind works 00:44:48 How to use your energy as an advantage 00:59:30 How to manage your relationships 01:04:10 The importance of silence 01:07:40 How did she become an author? 01:14:20 Her learnings on travelings 01:16:50 How to avoid attachment to material things 01:23:30 Why monks change their names? 01:25:27 Worst advice 01:26:05 When you should break the rules 01:26:50 Best advice 01:27:37 Advice she used to give 01:28:40 Unpopular opinion 01:29:50 When did she become vegan 01:31:20 Random fact 01:32:40 Something she’s curious about 01:33:30 Next projects 01:36:20 Final learnings 01:37:50 End

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